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Take the free Quick Anxiety Test below. If your final score is 5 or higher, watch the "How I Stopped My Panic/Anxiety Attacks" video below with paper and pencil! 

Watch the video below as I share my story + a few initial tips on how I completely neutralized my panic/anxiety attacks FOR GOOD!

The pressures of life can really weigh you down! As you've seen after watching the video above, I, not only know what that weight feels like, but I've been able to completely lighten that weight in my life! And the tips I gave in that video only scratch the surface of what is possible! If you're fully committed to overcoming anxiety forever, you, too, can finally live a normal, healthy, and happy life without ever touching any anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication!

If you’re serious about really making a change, and you want to fully enjoy your life, moving forward in this series is not a ‘should,’ it is a ‘must.’ I go in depth with proven techniques that I've personally discovered that have helped me overcome my panic and anxiety attacks without the use of any anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications! And if you're diligent with this series, you'll find a complete transformation in your own life! Take baby steps with this: one episode a week is recommended. 


What I'm sharing here is based on my own personal research from cutting edge information in psychology and self-improvement. I've put it all together here in the most practical, digestible way that will save you time and money and it actually works!


First, you must accept the fact that your panic/anxiety situation:

  1. Is NOT a "unique" one - if you feel that you require complex solutions to your panic/anxiety because you think your case is different, then you're guaranteed to keep getting the same results you're getting right now!

  2. Invites you to devote the necessary time to watch each episode a week with paper and pencil in hand. And should you get overwhelmed with anything in the process, feel free to contact me here on my website! 


Set SPECIFIC goals in this process! What are you going to do when your panic and anxiety disappears? Are you gonna take that vacation you always wanted but couldn't? Are you gonna travel by plane or train?

Give yourself permission to set BIG goals and personalize them! Use "I Am or I Have" statements! 


I journal a lot so I encourage a lot of good, old-fashioned writing :-) These goals must be written down in the present tense and in terms of the positive! Your subconscious mind moves you toward what you're focused on whether it's positive or negative. So, focus on what you want and not what you want to avoid! 


Visualize these goals as ALREADY achieved! Place them into 3 different categories:

  1. Two-week goal (Ex. I am able to sleep through the night)

  2. Three-month goal (Ex. I am able travel with ease)

  3. Ultimate long-term goal (Ex. I am cool, calm, adventurous)

After you've written down your goals in each category, click on the Anxiety Relief Series below and start with Episode 2 to take action now!

Vocal Lessons

LESSON 1: Expand Your Range


LESSON 1: Expand Your Range





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