Afterthoughts of Afterwhile...

July 24, 2017

"Great blessings are a result of great perseverance" -Anonymous


I'm sitting here trying to put my feelings into words! It's kinda hard to do right now but here goes...


Today I completed the production of a short film that I wrote, executive produced, and starred in entitled, "Afterwhile"! It's based on a song of the same name that I released in February this year. I'll give details about this film & more in a later post. However, I wanted to say something now because completing this film is a HUGE accomplishment for me! There were many twists and turns, disappointments and sacrifices I endured to make this happen and this moment is so gratifying! During its inception and even during pre-production I wanted to quit! But I held on...and I'm glad I did!


I'm incredibly thankful for my director, David Djaco, the production crew, as well as the actors and actresses who helped bring this vision to life! If you follow any of my social media platforms you saw a lot of the behind-the-scenes action while filming! I can't wait to share more details about this film, when/how it will be released, & other surprises in the weeks ahead! 


Stay tuned...



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