Intelligently Ignorant People!

November 3, 2017

Have you ever come in contact with someone who was so well-informed, yet so ignorant of the context of that information? I have! For example, someone said that love is the most powerful force in the universe. We must love everyone because we were all created to love! An intelligent statement, right? Well in the next breath they EXCLUDE that same love if it’s not for or with a certain gender, ethnicity, belief, class, etc. An ignorant statement, right? Intelligently ignorant! These kinds of people are dangerous! So WHAT needs to be put in check here? Core beliefs!

What is a core belief? Google defines it as “the very essence of how we see ourselves, others, the world, and the future.” Our core beliefs influence our choices! You can be the most intelligent person on the planet but if you have a misinformed core belief system then you will contradict yourself a lot. Do you want to know why it’s such a challenge to fix the division in our society or even in our own personal lives? It’s because we have trouble reconciling our core beliefs with our current reality!

So HOW do you put your core beliefs in check? You must develop a universal mindset about life! You must believe we truly are created equal and that it is possible to co-exist in spite of our differences! This takes courage! But you must approach this task with an opened heart and an opened mind! You’ll have to challenge your own core beliefs and it WILL require you to change your logic. Not right away, but eventually! It WILL cause fear, anxiety, rage, depression and even a lot of confusing and negative emotions. But don’t fret (or think that you immediately need to be medicated); feel those emotions and let it flow through you! It’s apart of the transition! Once you’ve fully surrendered that and refocus on the good in everything, the brain automatically shifts focus and shows you new possibilities! And that place, y’all, is where so much clarity and peace is located! And you’ll find that those intelligently ignorant people don’t threaten you AT ALL!

So be kind to yourself! Go easy and be opened to learning and evolving! Love your journey and embrace the changes it brings!



"...reconsider all your obstacles and know that anything is possible!"

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