What is Joseff up to in 2018?!?!

April 11, 2018


My last blog was back in December 2017...it's now April 2018...so what have I been up to?!


Well, a lot has happened (is happening) since the year started! I like to keep busy especially with my singing career! As an indie artist I wear many hats and I'm yet mastering this hustle...it's fun and exciting, but it has its challenges! I'm equally grateful for them all, though!


First things first: my Afterwhile short film screening on December 29, 2017 was a success in spite of the last-minute venue change (the new theater --in the photo grid above-- was waaaaaay better anyway lol). It's currently in submission for film festivals this year. Yay! I'll keep you updated on that! However, it's available for your viewing pleasure here and you can stream the soundtrack on a special YouTube playlist for FREE here! :) [Subscribe to my YouTube channel, JoseffTV, if you haven't yet...keep reading to find out why]


So here's why...I'm finishing up a brand new project with brand new music that I'll be releasing this summer...a visual EP! How insane is that?! This is definitely a personal record, based on a very personal story in my life. This is something I know will hit home for a lot of people. I will be releasing the visual through my YouTube channel! If you want to be the first to see it, then subscribe to JoseffTV


One more thing: I'll be performing in another stage musical called "You Can Run But You Can't Hide"on 4 special dates this summer/fall! Check my calendar (Upcoming Shows) for these show dates AS WELL AS upcoming concert/appearances this year!! I told myself I would do a lot better with informing you of my live public shows...so instead of you asking me about a show, just check the calendar, come and surprise me :)  


I think that's it for now...I'll keep you updated on this and more in the weeks ahead! 


Much love,





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