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Dear 2019, I'm ready...

December 20, 2018

I'm sitting here reflecting and I'm filled with so much God, DEEP gratitude!!


2018 has been a year of mastering the art of "trust"! It's easy to say "trust the process" when things are great but then end up trying to "control the process" when things become uncertain! I had been experiencing a lot of that: the need to control & be certain! But this 2018 year was a deep and conscious surrendering of my need for certainty & the urge to control or force anything! It was NOT about fast-forwarding to the ultimate answer but merely relaxing into the mysterious ground of RIGHT NOW or NO ANSWER YET! It feels uneasy and, oh boy, was it triggering panic and anxiety that I thought was fully healed! 


'Triggers' are parts of our human condition that need healing! That's why uncertainty is necessary!! It invites us to have faith and 'trust' that we can heal the way we respond to our human 'triggers' in order to gracefully and lovingly handle our trials and fully enjoy our triumphs! It's a beautiful, calming thing when we actively look at it from that perspective! And 2018 proved that to me!



Here's to more faith, more trust, more growth and more self-love (care) for 2019! I'm ready...I trust that you are, too :)


Love, Light, Peace, & Blessings to everyone of you!!!

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