So many problems in the world...

January 8, 2019

Pause, breathe, and think about that...


Kind of a sad thought, right?! I mean, with all the natural disasters, wars and rumors of wars, homicides, suicides, genocides, injustices, corruption, deception, manipulation, oppression, depression, panic, anxiety, rape, molestations, assault, abuse, sickness, disease...yeah, those are a lot of heavy 'problems', right?! From a specific viewpoint, maybe...but something profound shifted my thinking today!


When we look at something as a problem we automatically feel that it jeopardizes our safety, our sanity, and our way of life! It does not feel good; it does not work; and so we categorize it as 'bad' or 'wrong' and, therefore, anything bad or wrong is a problem! But problems, much like solutions, are what I like to call the 'truth of our choices' from our experiences on an individual level as well as on the level of collective beings on this planet! And our truths-- including our experiences-- are neither good nor bad/right nor wrong...they simply are what they are! It is synonymous with 'choosing' to suffer or to have joy (our truths) when we feel pain (our experiences)! Pain is neither good nor bad/right nor just simply is. How we choose to respond to it, determines whether it works or does not work for us! And to be honest, it really is not a 'problem' in the bigger picture! Let's face it, suffering is a choice that 'works' for some and having joy is a choice that 'does not work' for others ...and vice versa!


Every thing and everyone is living out and experiencing the truth of who they are and who they want to be! Each truth brings about clarity whether we agree or disagree with it! The choice is, then, made to either hold on to what we agree with or let go of what we disagree with! Finally, we get to stand firm in that choice and create our own safe space and healthy boundaries while honoring everybody else's truth without forcing any choices on them! There is a difference between influencing something and forcing mindful!


In closing, if the truth of our choices are pure and honest, we will always find love, peace, and harmony in this beautiful symphony of life! Be opened to the reality that our truths are always evolving based on how we choose to participate in our own life's experiences! What may be a problem today may actually be apart of the solution tomorrow! Be excited, be inspired, choose what works best for you, keep growing and know that all of it is working for the greater good anyway, so BOOM!


Love, light, and God's blessings to you!! 


Nothin' is nothin' unless you make it somethin'  - Joseff McKenneth, from the song "Nothin' Is Nothin" from A Liberated Son - EP


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