How to know your life's purpose!

April 8, 2019

There was a period of time where I wondered what my purpose was in this life! When I was a little boy, I was told it was to worship and serve God in spirit and in truth.


On paper, that's a beautiful thing! But how do you apply that in the context of the eat-sleep-school-work-bills-social routine of life? It can be a challenge especially if you're someone like me who's always been a dreamer; always thinking outside of the box!


I would discover one thing and it would resonate so passionately with me and I'd get my hopes up saying, "YES, THIS IS IT" and then BOOM it fades...and then I'd have to start all over again...and again...


Very discouraging...


And then finally it hit me!! You're probably thinking that turned into a 'no' again, right? As a matter of fact it turned into a moment of clarity...ALL of those things were my 'life's purpose' *light bulb on*


Purpose is never about the mind's idea of what's safe and predictable! It really IS about what resonates passionately and truthfully with who you are and acting on it without aiming for any specific results! Something you'd operate in with or without a paycheck, award, or title! It's an ongoing expression! It may lead to long term projects or it may not...but it doesn't matter because there will always be something going on!


As long as you're willing to discover and to keep doing what makes you happy...and it's pure and honest, you'll attract






Peace & Happiness...




and true contentment...basically everything that is in full alignment with serving God in spirit and in truth! Be encouraged & be grateful! Everything is always working out FOR you and never AGAINST you! You got this!


Much love,




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