May is Mental Health Awareness Month and here’s my story...

May 13, 2019

Mental health concerns are not discussed often because of lingering social stigmas. Therefore, most of us never talk about our own concerns; or we want to but don’t know how to talk about them; or we talk about them yet feel judged and misunderstood!

Well, I understand! And here is my story...

At the end of the year 2016, I had a mental and emotional breakdown! Two years prior, I had allowed my personal life, its disappointments, and my career pursuits to completely overwhelm me and I was ignoring certain signs telling me to pause and reevaluate things! I kept a lot of this to myself and was still able to be functional in most spaces. But I was

suffering inside: afraid of having an embarrassing anxiety attack; having an exhausting, ungrounded feeling of losing my mind; and sinking into a hole that felt impossible to get out of. My doctor assessed that I was suffering from severe anxiety! And before he was about to prescribe me medication, I immediately said “NO! We’re not doing that!” So, I began my own research and found practical, non-medication methods that actually worked!

That brings me to this...

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I’m presenting my own personal methods for neutralizing panic and anxiety symptoms without medication! These methods are proven effective and have been a miracle in my life!

But let me give a disclaimer: I am no mental health expert, but i have adopted techniques created by them and others who have suffered and overcame panic and anxiety. Therefore, it would not be fair of me to have useful information and not share it for those who may be going through a lot of the same overwhelming symptoms I went through! It’s a guided video series that I created and the first trial episode is available.

This series WILL require your time, attention, and energy. So if this resonates with you, silence all distractions, click here to be redirected  

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