The Art of Trust...

July 21, 2019



I went to the mall today for some food and left with 2 hands full (one hand had two bags and a Starbucks drink and the other had a cup of pink lemonade...this is all for me btw lol). As I walked out of the mall I saw my bus at the end of the corner. Normally I’d run to catch it if it were a slight distance before the door closed. However, this time since my hands were full and I was pretty close I felt I had enough time to pace myself there before the door closed. Not only did I make it to the bus but I made it to the door!! 


But the minute I got there, the driver unapologetically closed the door IN👏🏾MY👏🏾FACE👏🏾 and pulled off as if I weren’t standing there! Although it immediately triggered me, I did not scream, I did not curse the driver’s existence! I walked back toward some shade and waited for another bus ...and also for Spirit to reveal what purpose this had to do with my soul...because I was hurt and low-key embarrassed...

And it quickly hit me!

This was a mirror image of how life works...

When opportunities come to us so easily and we miss them or they fade away the moment we get to the door, we get angry, frustrated, annoyed, panicky, nervous, outraged, disappointed, hurt, triggered (yeah you get my point lol) to curse that opportunity and everybody involved! Right?! We tend to think that one missed opportunity for greatness is the ONLY opportunity that exists! My friend, I’m here to tell you that’s a very disempowering way to think!

There are sooooo many benevolent possibilities for each of us

Everything you could ever want or desire is able to flow to you, for you, and through you with so much ease...even the challenges! Does this mean you should not be urgent about opportunities when they show up! No, be urgent! But make sure you’re light and free enough to be urgent and not weighed down with 2 bags of food and 2 drinks in your hand like me at the bus stop. Or else you’ll miss that bus! But breathe...relax! Give yourself permission to release any judgements of the missed opportunity but MOST IMPORTANTLY release any judgements of the weight you carry and trust that with faith, patience and discipline, the next bus will arrive and carry you and ALL your weight with so much ease and grace!

I empower you to TRUST that everything truly does work out for your greatest and grandest I type this from the next bus 😊



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