Choose the path of least resistance!

July 22, 2019



Today I ran into a very good acquaintance of mine. We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time and our last exchange was nothing short of great vibes! So, noticeably excited when I greeted him, I was greeted back with an uncomfortable, ice cold response that almost gave me frost bite in this 90 degree summer weather! After that I said “Good to see you, take care” and walked away...

That exchange was terribly uncomfortable!

As I was walking away, I started to wonder if I had asked him questions about his response, getting to the answers would’ve been a whole ordeal...too much energy to invest in all of that resistance! Therefore, to protect my peace, I walked away!

Then it hit me!

Always choose the path of least resistance!

We live in a world where we’re programmed to resist and to participate in resistance! When we focus too much on resistance, it persists! And we begin projecting our own expectations on specific outcomes like all of the questions I wanted to ask in response to his ice cold greeting!

But God provides the path of least resistance and it is simply one of peace, bliss, joy, happiness and truth! And only YOU can cultivate that from within! If nobody else’s path is aligned with YOUR path of least resistance, always go within and walk away like I did! No questions asked!

Your peace of mind is so much better than any of that!


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