My 2019...and a decade review!

December 27, 2019

I found an old iPod while cleaning through some of my stuff earlier this year. I discovered photos, music, videos back from 2009 that I thought I had lost forever! 

That was NO ACCIDENT! Because I immediately saw the person I was, then, in relation to the person I am today... 


And I wanted to genuinely hug that guy and cheer him on! 


He was in the middle of rediscovering who he was and who he wanted to be in the world, all while feeling misunderstood and judged! His college life was in jeopardy, his finances were unstable, he lost a job, lost his apartment...


...but yet he kept trusting that everything was working for him...and it did! He was able to secure another job, a place to live, and freedom to create...then, BOOM, the middle of the decade brought other challenges...


Between 2014-2016 his physical, mental and emotional states were tested tremendously. A wake up call so-to-speak! Life was telling him, “SLOW DOWN, JOSEFF!” And so he paced himself and kept trusting that everything was working for him...and it did! 


Trust has been a major theme for me during this decade [Check out, 'Dear 2019, I'm ready...']! And to release a song worldwide in 2019 entitled, “Trust”, through Sony Music, a major distribution company, is NO ACCIDENT!  


I compare this decade to me finding a lighthouse by the sea. The first part of it I felt lost, but I kept moving and trusting the gentle nudges within! Then, by the middle of the decade I saw the lighthouse and made my way in! So, going into 2020 and the next decade, I’m able to help shine the light out to show others that they’re not alone! 


Keep moving...


Keep trusting...the lighthouse is up ahead! 

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