What is patience, really?!

February 15, 2020

I went to my neighborhood diner last night for some takeout! As I was leaving to go back home, I had the option to walk, catch the bus, or catch a $2 neighborhood cab! Since it’s cold here in New York and I wanted my food to stay as warm as possible, taking the bus or the cab was the most convenient option! So, I stood at the bus stop.

A couple minutes passed and i thought my food is gonna get cold standing out here! Then, I looked up and saw a $2 cab making a turn towards my side of the street and i was like, “🎶MIRACLE!”, and ran over to hail it down. But suddenly, I became Mr. Invisible! And the cab turned right past me as if I wasn’t in his view and kept driving down toward where I was headed. That triggered me!

Annnnd to add insult to injury, a bus came and (because no one was standing there) it passed the stop!

Ok...I’m mad and frustrated at this point!

So I began walking...fussing and talking out loud to myself: “This always happens to me, man!” “My timing is always off for everything I wait for!” “Am i really this impulsive and impatient?” “Just when i think i got it, SIKE I don’t” “I feel like I’m always being baited” “What’s the point of choosing convenience when it’s always turning into a big inconvenience” [yes, I literally was saying all of this out loud to myself ...and to God]

Then I felt Spirit say something so clearly, “patience is about your choice...”

I interjected sarcastically, “Yeah!! I made the CHOICE to wait at the bus stop but because I’m too IMPATIENT running after that cab, I missed the bus! Good choice, Joe, good choice!”

Spirit said, “this goes beyond your inconvenience of the bus or the cab’s timing...”

I said, “Huh?!”

Spirit said, “Keep walking! Breathe through your frustration so this can make sense...” 


I said, “Ok! ...soooo, patience is about my choice to what? Get home in the most convenient way? Because right now, walking is the only convenient way left! It was the last option but, I guess we’ll roll with the blows!”

A couple blocks later, as I was saying this, another bus pulled up almost out of nowhere for me and, with a sigh of relief and thanks, I hopped on it to my stop...

Spirit said as i was getting off, “Patience was your commitment to your choice to get home beyond the inconvenience of getting there! Because you made the commitment to get home no matter what, the convenience of another bus met you where you were! And so not only did you make it home but your food is still warm and edible!”

And sure enough it was :)

So...the message was clear...

Patience is a commitment to a choice no matter the inconvenience!

Be kind to yourself for that choice

Have faith and trust that you’ll be guided to your goal in a satisfying way!  


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