Traumatic cycles continue because our reactions are the same!

May 31, 2020

Black trauma [just like all forms of trauma] are REAL! When we’re heavily triggered, it reminds us of this! And so we react...


But how many times will we continue to pull up quotes and videos from the past to prove how relevant the trauma is in OUR now? How many times must we shine light on how different OUR realities are to those that are knowingly and unknowingly blind to it? How long will we continue to fight for OUR peace, justice and equality? How long will we continue to pray for unity and healing in OUR world?


The answer: for as long as it takes to realize that we’re being invited to BE and DO something way different! This is about to get a little deep so stay with here...


Perhaps the ancestors are nudging us to do more than just quote what they’ve said; protest how they protested; stand how they stood! We’re actually standing in the fields they plowed! They planted the seeds but our negligence and triggered reactions allowed weeds to grow! So maybe, now, it’s about clearing the weeds [adjusting our thought, emotion, and behavioral patterns] and watering those seeds by softening our triggers with more COMPASSION...


Perhaps there’s nothing to prove! Maybe cultivating our own individual peace


is better than being “right”. Spending so much energy “proving” how right or wrong a thing is feeds the conflict and confusion that already exists within it! 


Perhaps the fight for peace and justice is really a resistance to the healing and unity we keep praying for! Maybe the healing will only be fully realized when we’re able to sit, be present and feel the heat of our triggers within the boundaries of our own capacity while surrendering the ‘need’ to fix anything! 


This is one of the many ways to empower our next best logical steps! Nobody can strategize, plan or mobilize any kind of outward revolution until the inner one has been fully empowered and activated! And sometimes, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the only way to activate it...


Ohhhh, but when it’s activated *inserts praise gif*, you’ll see just how satisfyingly clear the 2020 vision really is


NOW is the perfect opportunity to work OUR faith and exercise OUR trust in the greater and most expansive good of humanity...we didn’t come this far just to come this far...lemme go before I start preachin lol 😊✨


Be gentle with yourself in these times...I love you...



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